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Natural Melilotus Officinalis Extract Coumarin Powder 5%

Natural Melilotus Officinalis Extract Coumarin Powder 5%

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  1. English name:  Coumarin

2. Latin Name:  Coumarin 

  3. Part Used: root

4. Appearance:     Brown yellow fine powder

5 . Extract Method : Solvent Extraction

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Main functions:

1.Melilotus officinalis, long popular as food for grazing animals.

2.It is used medicinally as well. It contains various substances in the coumarin family. These chemicals are thought to help strengthen the walls of blood and lymph vessels. However there is no more than preliminary evidence that sweet clover is effective for any medical condition.

3.In the chemical industry, dicoumarol is extracted from the plant to produce rodenticides.

4.It’s flowers and seeds can be used as flavoring

Application :

1. Melilotus officinalis can be used in food, beverage, health supplement and medicine.



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